It is hard to believe that Whitney started in the ballet program when she was in the first grade.  We still remember how excited she was to perform Silent Night in sign language while the senior girls danced.  It was a cold, rainy night and the younger girls wore tennis shoes under their long robes to keep their feet warm.  How strange to think that Ms. Angie was one of the seniors that night and now, some 12 years later, both she and Whitney are teaching classes at the school they both grew to love.

One of the great strengths of your program has been the quality of instruction and the dedicated staff that not only taught the fundamentals of ballet, but also encouraged students like Whitney to strive to excel.  She was exposed to a variety of competitions and was encouraged to audition for challenging roles in Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and Nutcracker.  Annual recitals not only give dancers an opportunity to showcase their individual talents, but also serve to inspire younger dancers to achieve.

As parents, we always appreciated the fact that many of your instructors were associated with a variety of professional Ballet companies and that their students have always been encouraged to come to their performances.  Whitney always enjoyed those trips to see professional dance companies.  Additionally the teachers always kept the students informed of workshops and auditions for special programs in these companies.  Whitney auditioned for, and was accepted by, programs at both Georgia Ballet and The Atlanta Ballet Summer Program.  Certainly her success in audition is attributed to the technical training she received at ADA.

As parents, we were delighted with the availability of different programs that ADA made available to our aspiring dancer:  Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, Tap, Jazz, and Hip-Hop.  It was a pleasure to send her to class and her love of ballet and dance is easy for anyone to see when they watch her perform on stage.

The people at ADA are much more than just teachers.  The dancers and staff have become extended family.  What a wonderful testimony to your program and to all of the instructors that we have grown to know and love.  ADA provides much more than just a well-designed instructional setting with excellent staff.  It welcomes aspiring dancers and strives to impart a lasting love of dance and reinforces the value of teamwork, dedication, and self-discipline.

Thank you for all your hard work.

With great appreciation and love,

Aaron and Janice Ingram

- Aaron and Janice Ingram

I highly recommend ADA if you are considering dance for your child.  My daughter has been a student there for eight years.  She is currently in their Junior Company.  They have performed at RiverFest, Love Lights A Tree, R. T. Jones Memorial Library, and Canton Theatre.  Her teachers at ADA have consisted of teachers trained directly at ADA, one from The Atlanta Ballet, and one from The Georgia Ballet.  It has always been a positive experience that my daughter can look forward to and we can feel good about!         

- Leslie Gibson

"My daughter, Deanna, marked her 10th anniversary with Academy of Dance Arts this year. Reflecting back, it is clear to me that learning to dance at the Academy of Dance Arts has instilled a degree of confidence in her that will endure into her adult life. The patience and dedication shown over the years by your staff has made knowing you and your school a true blessing for our family." 

- Darryl Hold

"Congratulations on 30 years of training young ladies into beautiful dancers. We just had to write you a letter to tell you how wonderful the recital was this year. With 4 girls taking dance, we saw both recitals. They were both so entertaining and the variety was great. It is amazing to watch, not only our girls progress, but the other girls progress as they mature and grow into beautiful dancers. We are so pleased with ADA and look forward to many more dance performances."

- Maria and Mike Seibert

"I am the satisfied mom of a dancer, who is beginning her 15th year of study at the Academy of Dance Arts. I love ADA because dance in its pure, classic forms is taught there... When you choose ADA for your dancer, not only will they receive instruction in the classic dance forms, but they will have courtesy and gentility modeled for them by the fine teachers there. In this edgy world there are not many places a parent can take a precious daughter to reinforce poise and composure. ADA is such a place. Dancers there receive dance instruction in a positive, polite atmosphere. Grace and confidence develop from continued study of dance in this environment. Your dancer will gain a spring in her step and a twinkle in her eye!

I heartily recommend the Academy of Dance Arts!"

- Mrs. Donna McGowan

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